Alex Frano: Principal Investigator

Sarmistha Das: Post-Doctoral researcher

I work on correlated transition metal oxide thin-films.

Brandon Gunn: Graduate researcher

Rourav Basak: Graduate researcher

My interests are strongly correlated-many body systems. I am learning different ways to characterize correlation in such systems.

Elliot Kisiel: Graduate researcher

My interests are using novel x-ray techniques to study mesoscopic interactions in strongly-correlated systems.

Biswajit Sahoo: Graduate researcher

My interests are in nanomagnetism in neuromorphic computing.

Mayia Vranas: Graduate researcher

Dong Le: Graduate researcher

Yiming Yang: Undergraduate researcher

I am a fourth year undergraduate, and I am applying for a Ph.D in condensed matter physics this fall.

Brandon Momanyi: Undergraduate researcher

Former Members

Alejandro Ruiz

Ivan Zaluzhnyy

Anthony Allen

Taylor Sanders

Ashley Warner