Spring 2020:

Our latest result on a quest to create an energy-efficient neuromorphic computer: we have a new hardware implementation of a neural tree using hydrogen-doped nickelate devices, and we image their behavior using nano-focused resonant x rays.

Winter 2020:

Alex Frano receives the The Sloan Research Fellowship 2020

Winter 2020:

Alejandro Ruiz et al. report the existence of a high-temperature magnetic anomaly in a three-dimensional Kitaev candidate.

Winter/Spring 2019:

Our two latest results reveal in-plane diffraction rings in superconducting cuprates: Electrochemically doped La2CuO4+y showing a possible glassy state of the dopant oxygens, and T'-Nd2CuO4 showing charge ordering with a full rotational symmetry. The latter was work done in collaboration with our friends in the Comin Research Lab at MIT.

Summer 2019: Rourav Basak joins the team as a graduate student. Welcome Rourav!

Winter 2019: Sarmistha Das joins the team as a postdoctoral researcher.

Winter 2019: Alejandro Ruiz joins the group as a UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow.

Fall 2018: A new electronic order in 122 Fe arsenides. Read more here.

Fall 2018: Brandon Gunn joins the group as a graduate student!

Summer 2018: U.S. Department of Energy funds an EFRC to study quantum materials for neuromorphic computing.

Summer 2018: Alex serves in the editorial board of the Honduran Journal of Physics